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Force for good

Since 2012 we've been on a mission to be the best furnishing and interior provider on the planet. In 2023, we were proud to become part of Britain's first B Corp certified interior design collective.

Driven by an understanding of how much difference we could be making on eco and social levels we prioritised plans to regenerate and commence a never-ending journey towards 'sustainability', doing our bit to make the planet a better place for every being.

Through initiatives with our teams, customers, our supply chain, the wider community, and by being transparent and accountable, we are are healing more than just the environment and each step of the way, proving to you that the breathtaking world of interiors can also be a beneficially breathtaking world.


B Corps are defined as businesses that want to achieve more than just making a profit. Their company goals and values are committed to creating a positive impact on their employees, communities, clients and suppliers throughout their strategic decisions and operations.

With brands such as Patagonia, Chloe and Vestaire collection now verified in the UK, there is a reason why this movement has become so powerful, and we are proud to be a part of the journey.

To achieve the B Corp Certification, Our parent company, Accouter Group of Companies has undergone a rigorous, independent assessment process that measured our performance in five impact areas: Governance, Workers, Customers, Community and Environment.

Becoming certified only marks the beginning of our journey. With B Corp by our side, we will continue to better business practices and increase our score by reducing impact, and further inspiring the global movement around us.

As part of Britain’s first B Corp certified interior design collective:

• We are creating a positive impact on our employees, communities, clients and suppliers through every strategic decision and operation.

• We promise to direct our efforts on measures that deliver the biggest impacts, aiming to continuously review and improve AGC’s environmental performance.

• We pledge to play our part in building an industry that is filled with, and supports talent from all backgrounds, abilities, ages and identities.

• We believe in the power of kindness, and pledge to use the powers of our business to create a positive impact on society. We support the Red Cross and charities that mean the most to our people.

• We understand that being a ‘Force for Good’ is a journey without a destination and we are committed to continuously improve and evolve our business for good.

We believe in promoting transparency and traceability of our furniture to give you clarity and confidence in what you are buying. Our sustainability icons are designed to enhance traceability within our supply chain, providing you with clear environmental credentials for each product. Explore our badge library below to gain deeper insights.