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A Family Home, Notting Hill

Introducing: A Family Home in Notting Hill

Written by: Bazaar London



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"We used a hand-picked selection of local suppliers, emerging artists and vintage finds alongside handcrafted, bespoke pieces designed specifically for our clients family home"


What was the overarching vision or theme behind the design concept for this family home?

The clients wanted to have fun with this home, they were renting the property so we were limited with what we could to to the house itself so their personality really had to shine through the pieces we were designing to make this house a temporary family home. They liked colour, they loved texture. They loved mixing old and new and would often be on Portobello Road themselves finding unique pieces for their home which made the process really fun. It was a real team effort, pairing items we designed, with pieces they already owned along with an art collection they started to build with our Art Collector.

The vision was just to have fun, I really wanted to make sure each piece had something different to it, for example the Clifford dining chairs were a real feature in the dining room, complimenting the lacquered, blue dining table. They have a curved back which moulds around you and an upholstered seat to ensure they were really comfortable. The fabric was one I found - the designer is called Susi Bellamy. She creates fabrics from her hand marbled designs using traditional marbling techniques. She loves colour just likes our client and I remember opening the envelope of samples in our clients kitchen and we were all so excited by the vibrant, soft, luxurious fabric, it was such a happy moment we knew we had to use it.

Sunderland Terrace_1

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I think the main two places that inspire me are my travels, and flea markets. I often need to step out of my normal routine to find inspiration so when I’m on holiday or travelling for work I find going to different restaurants, walking around the towns and looking at the different architecture really interesting. It might just be chair I see outside a cafe that’s a bit fun and different but I always take a photo in the hope I one day go back to it and create something with it in mind. I mentioned markets too.. I never need an excuse to go to a market.. looking through old nick nicks is really fun and quite addictive. The rush of finding something quirky and knowing it’s unique and there’s only one of them there is really special. They’re often a good starting point for a scheme.

Sunderland Terrace_Inspiration

What is your favourite part or furniture piece of this project?

The dining room - every piece in here I love. The lacquered dining table and velvet upholstered chairs were framed with a vintage pink, Murano chandelier. The art was the clients own purchased in Ibiza. It was one of the first rooms you saw when you came into the house and it really set a precedence for the rest of the property.

Sunderland Terrace_2

What role did sustainability play in the design choices for this home?

Sustainability really shone through with our use of local suppliers, emerging talent and vintage pieces. From the wallpaper, to the fabrics, to the lights and accessories we had a whole mix of old and new.

Sunderland Terrace_3
Sunderland Terrace_4

Are there any hidden gems or secret spots in Notting Hill?

Daggett Gallery is one of my hidden gems in Notting Hill - Charles Daggett is one of the loveliest men, he knows everything you’d ever need to know about framing your artwork in an antique frame. You can pick up any one of the frames, stacked in the shop and he can give you a whole history lesson on the details within it. I purchased a CB Hoyo artwork for the client and had it framed in an hobnob detailed antique frame (something Charles taught me).

Notting Hill

The Daggett Gallery is just up the road from the Fullers Pub, The Churchill Arms. Not so secret but still one to visit if you haven't already. It was built in 1750 and is filled with memorabilia. It’s one of London’s most recognisable pubs and used to host Winston Churchills grandparents.