To forever increase our offering of responsible products we must seek full traceability in our suppliers. The role of our Environmental Icons is to grade our supply chain’s product portfolio to give you clarity surrounding terminology and confidence in what you are buying.

Initially we will use the Environmental Icons to badge products within our BoxNine7 Curated Furniture Packages and Bazaar’s e-commerce range as here we are not influenced by customer desires who may not yet have a Sustainable priority vs budget. However, our badging process however will assist in educating us all and over time we are looking to achieve 100% traceability across the group.

Fabulous filling & topping
Foam, Fibre, Wool, Fur and Feather fillings are sourced in the UK for maximum quality assurance and are cruelty-free.

Diverse & Inclusive Supplier
Supplier celebrates the values of equality, diversity, and inclusion by being an actively diverse supplier and promoting inclusivity and opportunity.

Non Toxic 
Product is guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals. 

Made In The UK
Product is manufactured or assembled within the UK.

No Plastic Fantastic
100% of product packaging is reusable or ‘widely recyclable’.

Carbon Conscious
Supplier is Carbon Neutral or has plans in place to get to achieve this. They are able to inform us of the carbon footprint of the product they supply.

Made To Order
Made in accordance with our customer's specifications to minimise wastage in production.

Products and/or elements have been handcrafted by artisans to preserve craft traditions and support independent artisan businesses.

Supply chain conforms with all relevant International Labour Organisation (ILO) policies surrounding child labour, workers rights, freedom of association, minimum wages and health & safety.

Product is made up of >70% naturally occurring raw materials, without the use of chemical or other artificial elements.

FSC Timber
Wood has been harvested in compliance with rules and regulations to protect our natural resources.

Thoughtful Furniture
Item is reclaimed, recycled or upcycled usually an Antique or Vintage item given a new life.