Atlantis The Royal Residences

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Atlantis the Royal Residences, effortless elegance and high-end design for exceptional luxury living.

Welcome to Atlantis The Royal Residences, a design scheme reflective of an elegant, luxury lifestyle that is complimentary of the spectacular 360° ocean views of Dubai, where the design of this apartment mirrors the glistening Arabian Sea and famous skyline. Our team have designed a look that features exquisite materials and sumptuous, tactile fabrics throughout every furniture piece.

The intimate design and internal palette of each room compliment the stunning natural backdrop of blue waters and sand, with colours, patterns and silhouettes of underwater life homing the design.

The designer’s concept for the living area was elegant yet effortless. With the views paramount to the apartment, Accouter designed an interior that was breath taking but complimented the view without hindering it. The plush Peninsula Sofa upholstered in a luxurious neutral fabric helped to create an intimate seating zone inside the open-plan room whilst not impeding the views of the Arabian Sea.

In the principle bedroom, the designer used influences from the Notable Dubai Sunsets and beautiful shells to create a masterpiece that is the headboard wall, complimented beautifully by the two Dune Asymmetric Armchairs that sit elegantly in the corner of the bedroom.

In the guest bedroom, the forms are kept simple but detailed to perfection. The designers opted for some of the same earthy colours and organic textures found in the living room, the curved sides of the High Tide Bench perched at the end of the bed so beautifully wrapped in a satin green herringbone.

In the second guest bedroom, the scheme features confident tones and twisting shapes of coral. The deep, rich pink hues were paired with soothing blushes, ambers, and ivories to conceive a dramatic yet composed room. The room is perfectly balanced by the angular two-tone Sunset Benches which sit perfectly perched at the end of each bed. Opposite sits a statement dressing table area with our beautifully elegant oval Gulf Stool inspired by the calm of the ocean, with our Wind Rose Armchair adding a plush accent in the corner of the room.  

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