A Force For Good


As part of AGC, we are striving to be a company that is more representative of the world we design for. We want to be part of an industry that is filled with, and supports talent from all backgrounds, abilities, ages and identities.

We recognise our privilege, and we pledge to proactively reform both our business and the wider interiors industry to be inclusive, representative of the society it aspires to serve and creatively stronger by bolstering the underrepresented talent.

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By committing to visiting schools and colleges to encourage awareness and present opportunities within our industry, offering mentoring programs within the courses and donating to disadvantaged creative schools for supplies such as Make Bank.


Ensuring that the studio is reflective of society and draws on the talents of a diverse workforce by seeking advice on their employment strategy. In addition to this, offer apprenticeships to people from a disadvantaged background or someone who may have felt for any reason that the industry would not welcome them.


By diversifying AGC's supplier database, researching, celebrating and using the new and unheard voices of diverse suppliers and artisans from all backgrounds in society.


The team are honoured to join industry peers in a bid to deliver an equal opportunity pathway into the interior design industry. AGC will continue to share their journey in the hope of diminishing the statistics and, hand in hand, strive for a more positive future.


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