My Wish List with Lydia

I love them ALL (but I love these guys a little bit more)

Some people covet handbags or shoes but my thing is furniture (It’s also jewellery but that will have to be a whole different blog post). Although I love all the pieces we’ve selected for Bazaar there are a few that I just keep coming back to. My aesthetic has always leaned more towards the maximalist side of things (think leopard print, neon and dark colours). These pieces though, depending on the styling could fit beautifully into a more understated and sophisticated interior as well as make a statement amongst a shall we say, ‘bolder’ vibe! That’s part of why I think they are so brilliant.  So below are my 3 favourite pieces from Bazaar right now:


From the look: Covent Garden Pied-à-Terre

Banbury Court Armchair - as soon as I saw this guy in this stunning apartment in Covent Garden I fell in love. It was the colour that drew me in but the upholstered arms that extend right down to the floor, the chunky seat and those angles kept me looking.

• Designed by our team and hand crafted right here in the UK.
• The velvet is super soft and luxurious – this colour looks stunning alongside blue by the way.
• Perfect size as a single chair in a smaller room or double up and add a side table in-between for a super cool area to sip a cocktail of an evening.


From the look: City Riverside Penthouse

Monument Street Dining Table - There’s something about a round dining table that just screams ‘dinner party’. This one is a fabulous specimen. Chunky, with the brass effect trim that adds a bit of glam to what could be a rather masculine feeling table. The base has got that stepped detail too. What’s not to love?

• Beautiful grey oak finish with a visible wood grain
• Great size for a large kitchen or separate dining room.
• Perfect paired with some upholstered dining chairs (check out our options)


From the look: Marylebone Townhouse

Penfold Street Screen - There’s a lot to be impressed by in the W1 project – a breath-taking town house in the heart of Marylebone. The super tall ceilings, the glass retractable roof, or the 4m tall palm tree our designer sourced for the dining area to name a few. The Penfold Street Screen though.. well, she’s really special. A foldable room divider with beautifully arched panels upholstered in a stunning patterned weave by Lelievre Paris. This screen would look equally elegant in a bedroom to screen off a dressing area, or an open plan living space to provide a more intimate feel.

• Fabric inspired by nature, this pattern from Lelievre is a work of art itself.
• Practical and beautifully decorative.
• A great way to add pattern to your home without re-decorating your walls.


All these pieces are available to buy now on Bazaar. I can’t wait to hear what your favourites are.


Lydia Lavelle