Meet Harriet & Lauren, 2 of the Interior Designers behind Bazaar

As you may know, we aren’t just any old luxury furniture retailer, but indeed a love child of award-winning interior designers, that really do know their stuff when it comes to designing and sourcing unique, vibrant furniture and accessories.

So we thought we’d sit down with two of the interior design experts behind the brand, Harriet & Lauren, so they can tell us more about life inside the world of Bazaar.

Harriet & Lauren Interior Designer at Bazaar

Hey Harriet & Lauren! Can you tell us what a day looks like working for Bazaar?

Harriet: Everyday is different here at Bazaar. We spend time meeting some amazing creative people who have beautiful products for us to sell, as well as catching up with existing suppliers to expand our ranges with them and see what new exciting collections are to come. Alongside this, we also work on interior design projects for A.LONDON. A lot of the pieces we design end up on Bazaar so that they can be readily available to more people which is exciting when designing a specific piece.

Lauren: We also spend a lot of time exploring the latest trends for each season and checking out London areas such as Portobello Road, Lots Road and Hackney for design inspiration. We’re also working on some really exciting events at the moment…


Which is your favourite Bazaar furniture piece?

Harriet: It’s got to be the dining chair from my latest Notting Hill project. We named all the pieces after people that were involved in the project, and rather embarrassingly my favourite piece is called the Harriet Dining Chair – I’m obsessed with the velvet marbled fabric.

Harriet Chair, Mobius Loveseat, Bazaar

Lauren: I’d also have to say a piece I designed in a Chelsea project, the Möbius Loveseat. It’s just such a showstopper. I was inspired by the Möbius strip and kissing seats of the early 1800’s to create the never ending curves for this piece.


Can you tell us about a current interior design project you are working on?

Harriet: I’m currently working with a family to design their new Dubai apartment at The Royal Atlantis Residences. It’s a beautiful project, very contemporary with lots of glass, accents of blues and pinks to reflect the sunsets over the Arabian Sea. We’re also incorporating some of the client’s cool photography pieces into the design.

Lauren: I’m working on a Central London project at the moment, a gorgeous 4 bedroom apartment which is an art gallery in itself, with lots of contemporary pieces featuring organic tones and textures. I cannot wait for the client to see it finished.

Royal Atlantis Residences And West End Gate Interior Design Project


What do you look for when sourcing new brands to sell on Bazaar?

Harriet: We love everything fun and playful. More than that, as designers we source pieces that we would actually use in our own home and projects rather than just what every retailer is selling.

Lauren: We look for pieces that get people’s attention, those pieces that every guest to every home will notice and compliment. As well as style, we also look for suppliers that share our values when it comes to quality, long-lasting furniture that is made with sustainability in mind. Fast furniture isn’t cool, so we want to buck the trend by sharing timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion.

Harriet: We’ve actually just been to New York design week to get inspiration for new pieces and projects, so watch this space!


What does your life look like outside the world of Bazaar?

Harriet: I recently moved back to the countryside so I am now based in Bath, however I am often exploring a new city or country and scouring antique markets for some deals!!!

Lauren: I used to work in the hospitality industry so I’m usually checking out new bars and restaurants around London, or hosting dinner parties where I get carried away with trying out new recipes. I’ve recently just got back from honeymoon around the southern states of America, so I’m now determined to nail the iconic creole, cajun and soul food dishes we fell in love with! Mission southern belle has commenced…


Tell us one Bazaar fact about you...

Harriet: I’ve had plastic surgery on my finger because I chopped it off when I was younger (it is now wonky).

Lauren: I am a classically trained grade 8 singer, but don’t you dare ask me sing (unless I’m 4 margaritas deep at a karaoke bar).


What can everyone expect to see next?

Harriet: We have so many exciting things coming up, there are many incredible brands coming soon to our website, and some exciting collaboration pieces being worked on too. We can’t give too much away at the moment!

Lauren: We also have a summer of fun pop-up events, where we are showcasing our new pieces and collections. Apply to become a BIP for exclusive access…

If you are interested in seeing the projects that Harriet & Lauren have worked on, take a look at the A.LONDON portfolio here.