It’s velvet season!

"When you think of glamour and luxury, velvet springs to mind"

Velvet is having a moment over in the fashion world right now. This isn't surprising as we head into what is traditionally known as ‘party season’. When you think of glamour and luxury velvet springs to mind. Offering wonderful, rich colours and that luminous sheen.

We don’t have to remind you that there won’t be many parties to attend this Christmas (sob) so instead of browsing endless velvet party outfits online, why not add some of this fabulous fabric to your home instead?

Here are the best 10 velvet furniture pieces on Bazaar right now:

Conte Chair 

Liang & Eimil, Luxury Furniture, Velvet Armchair, Red, Living Room, Bedroom, Modern, Contemporary

Horta Stool, Gainsborough Emerald Green Velvet
Also available in Ochre

Liang & Eimil, Stool, Green Velvet, Contemporary Design


Monti Stool, Kaster Olive Velvet
From Lyons Place Look

Also available in Ochre

Liang & Eimil, Stool, Green Velvet, Contemporary Design

Lanark Road Bed
From Lyons Place Look

Bazaar, Green Velvet Bed, Luxury Furniture, Contemporary Interiors, Bedroom, Headboard

Alice Dining Chair

Liang & Eimil, Luxury Furniture, Dining Chair, Velvet, Orange, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Modern, Contemporary

Banbury Court Armchair
From The Hexagon Look

Bazaar, Velvet Armchair, Bold Contemporary Design, Gerrit Rietveld Inspired, Modern Interiors, Living Room

Hatton Street Armchair
From Lyons Place Look

Bazaar, Velvet Swivel Armchair, Brass Base, Light Grey, Contemporary Interiors, Luxury Furniture

Manhattan Drive Bench
From The Penthouse Cambridge Look

Bazaar, Velvet Bench, Contemporary Interiors, Bold Design, Luxury Furniture

Lou Stool, Turquoise Velvet

Liang & Eimil, Stool, Velvet, Contemporary Furniture, Luxury Decor

Möbius Love Seat
From Chelsea Waterfront Look

Love Seat, Contemporary Design, Blue Velvet, Luxury Interiors


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