Stunning rugs and why you need one

“I wanted to design visually surprising rugs for people to enjoy.” 
Nani Marquina
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Nani Marquina founded her namesake company in 1987 in Barcelona.  Now, 30 years on, the company continue to produce creative designs which focus on quality and innovation.We have long been extolling the virtues of a good rug to pull a scheme together. The vibrant colours and eye-catching designs by Nanimarquina will do that.In case you needed further persuading, here are our top reasons why you need a rug in your home:
  • They add colour and texture to your room
  • They can anchor and zone your room making a large space feel more intimate 
  • They add warmth, and are great for noise insulation 
  • They tie your scheme together. Select a rug combining the different colours in the room and everything will work in harmony.
  • Some rugs look as good hung on the wall as they do on the floor, they are works of art. 

These are our favourite Nanimarquina rugs available on Bazaar:
Hayon X Nanimarquina Rectangular Rug
A first glance reveals a chaotic tangle of colours and shapes that invade the rug. However, after looking carefully, the imagination of Jaime Hayon springs to life: turtles, lips, hands, stools, fish, half men–half birds.

Nanimarquina, Jaime Hayon, Craftsmanship, Contemporary Interiors, Luxury Home Accessories


Losanges II Rug
With the Losanges collection, the Bouroullec brothers continue their study of simplicity and elegance, reinterpreting the traditional Persian rug by using ancient kilim techniques.

Nanimarquina, Rug, Craftsmanship, Contemporary Interiors, Luxury Home Accessories

Tres Blue Rug
The proportion and combination of wool, felt, and cotton generate changes in tone and irregularities in the weave, bringing the pattern to life.

Nanimarquina, Rugs, Craftsmanship, Contemporary Interiors, Luxury Home Accessories