Coffee tables - how to choose the right one

This week we’re talking coffee tables. After seating, a coffee table is the most important part of your living room –  it’s the centre piece of your space and will draw the eye. A coffee table is there to hold your drinks, magazines and books, a laptop and it’s probably even a place to put your feet up and have dinner in front of the TV.  Coffee tables have to work hard, but they also need to look excellent. Here a few pointers to help you pick the right one for your space:

Size – you need a minimum of 35cm between your seating and your coffee table to move around comfortably, but in a larger room you can increase that to around 45-50cm. Proportionally it should be around two-thirds of the size of your sofa – but that’s a rough guide rather than a hard rule. Finally, the height of your table needs to be the same or slightly lower than your sofa seat.

Shape – if your living room is a high traffic area you should consider a coffee table with a rounded top, you don’t want to be knocking your shins on sharp corners. If you have small kids you’re probably going to need rounded edges too, to avoid any nasty head bumps. If you have a more space you should consider using two square tables side by side to make a impact or a cluster of tables to fill the space in an unexpected way.

Finish – We love using lots of different textures and finishes in an interior. If you have a lot of tactile, matte and woven materials in your space, consider a shiny topped coffee table to add a new dimension. In a smaller space glass is a good choice as it allows the light to pass through and keeps things feeling nice and open. Wood is sturdy, practical and works really well in most interior schemes – there are so many different shades to choose from and we prefer to mix different wood within a space to keep things feeling too matchy.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect table you’re going to need to style it. We love layering accessories and objects to curate a lovely little scene in the middle of the room. A vase of flowers, beautiful tray, and a scented candle always look great alongside some stacked hardback books. Check out our accessories edit, perfect for your coffee table styling needs.

Here's our top 5 favourite coffee tables available to shop now – all beautifully designed, expertly crafted and will stand proudly as the focal point in your home:

Coffee Table, Luxury Furniture, Bazaar, Contemporary Interiors, Living Room

With a stepped level top and finished in off-white lacquer and painted metal effect trims. The top is made from two pieces, one slightly higher than the other. The beautifully rounded corners are painted in a metal effect.

Empire Coffee TableLuxury Furniture, Coffee Table, Contemporary Interiors, Loom, Bazaar, Marble

Simple and elegant the Empire Coffee Table includes two inset central accents offered in brass. Features a midnight black frame and arabescato stone top.

Hill Road Road Coffee Table DuoLuxury Furniture, Coffee Table, Modern Living Room, Bazaar, Contemporary Design

This stylish coffee pair with its clean lines and curved shapes will bring any room together beautifully. With an elegant lacquered top and dark oak veneer base. It's a simple, classic and sophisticated piece.

Loom Coffee Table, Ivory
Loom, Coffee Table, Luxury Furniture, Contemporary Interiors, Wooden Top, Modern Living Room

With delicate proportions and featuring an intricate accent detail. Light bronze frame, polished brass accent. Top also available in Ebony Timber and Grey Timber.


Abbey Road Coffee Table Cluster
Contemporary Interior, Modern Design, Living Room, Luxury Furniture, Wood, Coffee Table, Bazaar

Eclectic angular coffee table cluster in mixed finishes. These tables are made to work together as a group but can be separated and used as low side tables.