Introducing Bazaar

As we edge closer to our big launch we want to share with you the story of how Bazaar came to be. Why after nearly a decade of successfully establishing ourselves in the interior design industry we decided to try our hand at retail. Everyone has a story to tell, here is ours:
No one likes to be told that they can’t have something. 
Over the years, when sharing our beautifully designed interiors, questions came endlessly rolling in; “where can we buy the sofa?”, or “where can I get a table like that?”. The answers were incredibly  frustrating; “it’s bespoke”, “it’s from a trade only supplier” or “it’s vintage and we had it reupholstered”; basically, “sorry, you can’t have it”. 

It took us quite some time and many many conversations but FINALLY the first plan of Bazaar was drafted in 2018. As they say, the rest was history.

Bazaar is a multi-brand, one-stop e-commerce destination for luxury furnishings. 

Our philosophy is simple; spill the secrets and be the shopping destination for interior design. Share our exclusively designed interior design schemes online but make them shoppable.

We are curating a handpicked collection of beautiful and interesting pieces from a wide range of brands ready to sell alongside our bespoke pieces. Our Look Books (which are the beautiful portfolio’s of projects from our design studio) will be continually refreshed so you will have new projects to draw inspiration from. Plus, regularly added special edition items and brand collaborations. We will make world-class designs accessible. 

We are proud to be authentic; we are people with a passion for making beautiful homes and it is important to us to lighten the tone of what can sometimes be a rather stuffy and secretive industry. Bazaar will fill that gap in the market for a beautiful inspiring website where you can admire stunning interiors, read blog articles sharing tips and tricks of the trade, and purchase the perfect furniture items to add to your home.
The design studio at AGC HQ has always been an incredibly creative, collaborative place to work. We’ve spent years building relationships with suppliers, hunting down unique products and finding the best craftspeople in the business to work with. Over the years we’ve become bona fide walking encyclopaedias of interior design knowledge so you don’t have to be.

The brains
The team at Bazaar are proud of their heritage and you could say that we have been 8 years in the making. In 2012 our Accouter Group of Companies family was born and became parent to A.LONDON and Accouter.

Over the years our teams have delivered world-class interior architectural and furnishing services to over 3300 residences in 8 global locations; we now have a 16 strong design team who have 5 International Interior Design Awards under their belts and now we can bring all of that to you at home.