A sofa is for life, not just for Christmas

At Bazaar we’re really proud of the quality of our furniture. Our made to order pieces are crafted right here in the UK from the finest materials, all locally sourced where possible. They take time to make and are intended to last a lifetime. This year we have been forced to stay home and many of us are spending a large portion of our waking hours on the sofa. Now more than ever you’re going to want that sofa to be perfectly designed and expertly made. Fast furniture we are not, and that’s absolutely our intention. Craftsmanship, sustainability and longevity are key.

That said, we still value the delight and fun that smaller accessories bring to your home. Yes, you expect your sofa to last decades, but your cushions? These can be updated regularly to match the season or the mood. They add colour, pattern and a touch of humour. Your coffee table can be passed down through the generations, but you can style it with an ever changing selection of trays, vases, and gorgeous scented candles to give it new life. 

Here’s an analogy for you; beautiful interiors are like cakes (bear with me) – the forever furniture pieces being the sponge, the accessories are the icing. Finally, the art is the stunning decoration on top but we’ll talk art in another blog post!
Luxury Home Accessories, Cushions, How To Style Your Home, Contemporary Design
We’ve been busy adding brilliant accessories from inspiring brands to the Bazaar family. These smaller items allow you to style your home in the same way our designers style the looks you can tour on our website, allowing you to ‘ice the cake’ as it were.  
These are my favourite pieces from our new accessory edit (all of which you can order in time for Christmas):
Liang & Eimil, Candle Holder, How To Style Your Home, Gifting, Luxury Home Accessories
Featuring an elegant design, these candle stand holders are perfect for any living or dining interior. Finished with a matt black iron base and beautiful polished gold detail, this will be the finishing touch you need for your home.
Romo, Cushion, How To Style Your Home, Gifting, Luxury Home Accessories
Passion 2 Cushion, Romo
One of Jessica Zoob’s most celebrated works, Passion, is a series of 6 paintings that reflect the seasons in a love affair. Spring brings a sense of anticipation; Summer is full of energy and colour; Autumn can bring tempestuous storms; Winter feels crisp and still. From the 'Desire' collection by Jessica Zoob for Black Edition.
Bivain, Cushion, How To Style Your Home, Gifting, Luxury Home Accessories
Langosta Velvet Cushion, Bivain
Speckled, spotted and beautiful, this printed lobster cushion in hues of pink, peach and rouge stands pretty on a bed of decadent fawn velvet finished with luscious red and maroon tassels. Add texture. colour and a slather of charm to your interiors with the Langosta Velvet Cushion.
Saint Fragrance, Candle, How To Style Your Home, Gifting, Luxury Home Accessories
Old Fashioned Candle, Saint Fragrance
Refined. Sexy. Ironically modern. This sensual & contemporary take on fine leather fuses spicy saffron with Egyptian violet to create a gratifying lapse in time away from your hectic day to day. Timeless Bulgarian rose oil is framed by a distinctive accord of suede & benzoin, all resting within a shadow of glowing embers and raw Haitian vetiver.
"Sophisticated, Offbeat, Desired"
Perfumer: Beverley Bayne
Top: Violet, Heliotrope
Heart: Rose, Orris, Saffron
Base: Leather, Benzoin, Amber, Vetivert
Liang & Eimil, Marble Jar, How To Style Your Home, Gifting, Luxury Home Accessories
Albion I Jar, Liang & Eimil
The marble Albion Jar features a bold and contrasting black and white striped pattern – perfect for a minimalist and contemporary space.