6 Ways To Style Your Artwork

In our eyes, Art is pivotal to all interior greatness. It can inspire a room and be inspired by a room (a bit like us really). The best thing about it, there is always a piece of art for everyone. Yes, everyone. Check out our favourite art collections if you don’t believe us.

We know that some see artwork as an afterthought when designing their home interiors, this hurts us pretty bad. If this person is you, you’d best keep reading for some fail-safe styling tips.

With fashion, it’s not what you wear, it’s the way you wear it, and with art, it’s not always what you hang, it’s how you hang it. So we’re going to show you.

Let’s go.


Go Big Or Go Home
As far as size goes, we don’t think it does matter, however if you’ve got it, flaunt it. A large scale, statement artwork piece on a large expanse of wall can have a dramatic effect that can define your interior in the best way.

In A.LONDON’s Marylebone Townhouse project, our designers used a large piece of contemporary artwork that sets the tone for the rest of the scheme.

Marylebone Townhouse, Contemporary Art


I Like The Way You Work It
Sometimes art doesn’t have to work around your furniture layout, but instead your furniture layout can work around your art. This statement artwork piece selected by our designers at A.LONDON for their Covent Garden Pied-á-Terre project is a dreamy example. With this vibrant piece taking centre stage in the living space, it dominates in the best way, defining the scheme and creating symmetry and interest in the room. Tick, tick, tick.Contemporary Interiors, Wall Art



Contrasting Is Cool
Make that art pop by opting for a contrasting piece that stands out against its surroundings. In our Marylebone Townhouse look, the A.LONDON designers selected a green statement watercolour piece in the dining area, adding a fun personality to the room. If the most important thing about your art is that it is a reflection of you or a memory you have, the more it stands out, the better.Marylebone Townhouse, Nat Bowen Wall Art


Unique Gallery Displays
At Bazaar, we like to do things a little differently. Some call it attention seeking but we call it good design. When it comes to interiors, we are always exploring new and exciting ways to do things. In the dressing area of our City Riverside Penthouse Project, the A.LONDON designers hung a trio of contemporary art and divided them by a mirror for a statement look. Inspirational huh? We think so too.City Riverside Penthouse, Luxury Furniture, Contemporary Interiors


Double Dating

A complimentary selection of multiple prints adds a contemporary edge and acts as a key feature in a room. We recommend using art of a similar style and displaying them in a linear arrangement for the sleekest of looks. In our Belgravia Townhouse look, a quartet of artwork pieces creates pure drama in the dining space, inspiring the rich blue palette throughout the surrounding interiors. Heaven.Belgravia Townhouse, Luxury Furniture, Contemporary Interiors


Colour Repetition

Whether your artwork has inspired, or been inspired by your furnishings, echoing the colour palette in both creates a cohesive, balanced design scheme that is a guaranteed winner. This style of artwork creates a harmonious and calm ambience, perfect in bedrooms and relaxing living spaces of the home. Very chill, we like.
Abbey Road Apartment, Luxury Furniture, Buy Contemporary Interiors Online

That’s it, no more excuses for any wall nudity. Now go and check out our favourite artwork pieces and make the magic happen.