3 Ways We’re Helping Save The Planet

Parallel to our obsession with continuously creating new and innovative designs, at Bazaar, our pledge towards sustainability is an equally evolving journey. 
We never want to be cliché, in fact quite the opposite, but as a collective, AGC really is always looking for ways to develop our awareness and knowledge of sustainability within the interior design industry. We are proud to be actively working towards our B-Corp certification, now focusing our efforts on introducing an increasing number of sustainable measures.
So, we are pretty damn pleased to be able to brag about 3 important ways Bazaar is transforming the ways we produce, source and transport our furniture pieces to you, and be a powerful force for good in our industry.
Furniture With Feel Good
‘See ya, CO2’

As part of our Sustainability Manifesto, we have a plan to encourage our suppliers to support our quest for guilt-free packaging while still making sure all products arrive in tip top condition, meaning we can always bring you Furniture with Feel Good. We have a dedicated team working with our supply chains to influence how they package their pieces, so that we can all do better. We also aim to only use UK based suppliers when possible, so we can sleep better knowing that our products have a lower carbon footprint (nor a sun tan or sombrero).

Our environmental icons will soon be visible on each of our products so that we can provide clarity, transparency and confidence in what you are buying. We are also taking the time to educate our suppliers on B-Corp and our mission so they understand why we all need to do our part.

‘A Tree planted with every product purchased’

If you’re anything like us, you might get a lil bit of green guilt every time you shop online, knowing that your love of furniture (nothing wrong with that, obvs) is creating emissions. That’s why for each and every product sold on Bazaar, we plant a tree via Ecologi, with all customers being given the opportunity to contribute towards a carbon neutral delivery. Guilt-free deliveries for all! You’re welcome.

‘Buy less, buy better’
Caution. Shocking stat coming that furniture lovers may find offensive (please contact welovetohelp@bazaar-london.com for emotional support).

“22 million pieces of furniture are thrown away every year in the UK*.”

As part of a future-focused interior design collective, this made our hearts (and our ears) hurt a lot. This made us realise, as part of the interior design industry, it is our responsibility to do better. No negotiations. So now we have stopped crying over the sad reality of the ‘furniture graveyard’, what are we doing about it? We have said goodbye to cheap, low quality materials, meaning all our furniture collections are designed to last a lifetime and beyond. If you are thinking of throwing something away and feel no option but to take it to landfill, get in touch and we will try and provide expert interior design tips on how to give your furniture a new lease of life, we realllllly don’t want things going to waste.

Read more on our mission to be a Force for Good here.
*North London Waste Authority, 2021